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Registered Graduates’ Election: Punjab University Administration Counted Bogus Votes

  1. It is a matter of record of the present elections that counting was suspended/ stopped; on having received complaints by a large number of voters, for having not received their votes, by post.
  2. When the complaint to this effect was formally made to the Returning Officer; he came up with a list of tracking numbers of 1064 envelopes, as a proof of having delivered the votes through post. When we decided to check and get the record verified, we came to the conclusion that delivery of 250 envelopes failed to be proved as per the record provided. Meaning thereby that the tracking numbers were bogus/fake or false.
  3. These numbers fell under three categories:

i. Some of the envelopes bore one and the same number.

ii. Some of the tracking numbers bore such record which pertained to various articles having been dispatched from Karachi.

iii. Others bore the numbers which were declared invalid by the system itself.

  1. On our persistent demand your office approached The Postmaster General for confirmation. His replies also confirmed our allegations that only 836 envelops were posted by UMS through The Post Office.
  2. We are of the opinion that some responsible persons of your office conspired with some candidate/candidates and handed over 226 votes to them.
  3. Honorable Vice Chancellor and you yourself were informed well in time, about this unfair/malafide practice. Our complaints and later confirmation by The Postmaster General; had necessitated an immediate action then, from your side; which unfortunately you failed to execute. The counting resumed, continued and culminated into malafide results.
  4. Another anomaly occurred. Your staff continued to receive posts; which did not bear the name of the sender nor any proof of the channel or way  of transmission. This practice is in flagrant Contravention of the University Calendar, sub-section 3, section 28.
  5. This breach is supposed to be bypassed the genuine legal system, by discarding such envelopes and not counting them and therewith declaring the mala fide/bogus results.
  6. Later on having reliance on a judicial verdict erroneously; which surely pertained not to the situation at hand ; recounting was done and ballots were retrieved from those questionable envelops and were wrongfully included in the counting and a different from the genuine, result was announced.
  7. This in short is a story of flagrant flouting of University calendar; which militates against justice, fair and bona-fide practice; we most humbly appeal to you that the whole process and practice regarding holding the senate elections 2019 for registered graduate seats be reviewed so as to safeguard and reinstate the will, spirit and bona-fide application of law.

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